If a situation comes with pressure, it is perceived as Change…

The only constant is change”, said a wise-man once. If change is inevitable, why do people insist that things are not changing and its only an evolution! Some argue that the key reason to create these two different worlds i.e. Change v/s Evolution, is to comfort the human mind, which is highly risk averse anyway and change always brings risk with it. Not calling it ‘Change’ is one way to deceive the mind, almost like playing with words to sooth the mind. A psychological shift in the way man reacts to change comes if we can confuse the fundamental hard-wired meaning of ‘Change’… And hence we call it ‘Evolution’.

While some say this, there is also another theory. A theory that goes beyond evolution and the fears of change management. This theory suggests that ‘change’ is term used when someone stops doing everything known to them and starts doing something totally new. In effect, change is actually a “CHANGE’!!! ‘Evolution’ on the other hand, when explained by this group, is one where we do not stop doing what we were already good at, but we are actually relentlessly finding ways to improve what we already know and practice. Hence, an evolution is very different from change.

Evolution needs a vision that drives comtinuous Improvement

In its simplest form, change creates ‘Fear’ that further triggers the basic human instinct of Fight or Flight. When you compare this reaction to evolution, one has ‘Curiosity’ and not fear, and hence triggers enthusiasm in those who seek to learn. This curiosity is surely going to make for adversity in achieving an evolved state, but once it is overcome, there is again a New Normal.

Long story short, a, Evolution is nothing but a state of continuous improvement on what we are already good at. It takes a lot of humility to accept the fact that we are awesome at what we do, yet their is probably a scope to improve. Only those brave enough to carry this humility will ‘Evolve’. For the rest, a ‘Change’ in role or job is inevitable!


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