Chatbots enable marketers to do something that they have only been able to dream of doing: personalize content delivery and have meaningful conversations with customers at scale.

And while the potential benefits are clear:

  • More cost-effective customer service
  • Faster response times
  • Easier business transactions
  • More convenient ways to address prospects and customers in their preferred medium

The potential pitfalls are also clear:

  • Brand-damaging blunders
  • Privacy breaches
  • Security flops

Recently I teamed up with Kristina Podnar, Digital Governance Advisor to co-author a post to help marketers learn more about what chatbots are, how they’re changing the conversation between companies and their customers, and the opportunities (and risks) they represent for marketers. Hopefully this post will help those companies experimenting with chatbots to realize the benefits while avoiding the pitfalls. You can read the post here:

Automating Your Customer Interactions: Get Ready for Chatbots


We believe that Messaging is going to fundamentally change the way customers interact with companies.

Our expertise includes building and deploying messaging and bot solutions for the real-world that are delivering significant value for our customers. We stay on top of the complicated and quickly evolving messaging and bot landscape, so our customers don’t have to.

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Chatbot Benefits and Potential Pitfalls was originally published in Sciensio on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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