Are you a frequent traveler and a Snapchatter? Do you believe in capturing memories and showcasing them? Here is your chance. With our snapchat takeover program you will get a chance to showcase your travel journey and share and inspire other fellow Travelers from across the globe. Anyone, anywhere can get to showcase their travel journey and all that is required is a smartphone with an internet connection.

This is one of the best ways to share raw, authentic and unedited content which is both motivating and inspirational with thousands of people from the world of travel.

Here are a few Basic Requirements

We would like you to start with a video introduction, let people know who you are and where you are visiting.

Get creative- experiment with filters, emojis and whatever else you enjoy about Snapchat, switch between photo and video to makes things less monotonous.

Try and not let the span of the entire story cross a total of 3 minutes unless totally necessary.

Wrap up the day with one final farewell snap.

Most important of all- HAVE FUN!

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