Chelsea Peretti as ‘Gina Linetti’ on Fox’s hit show, Brooklyn 99.

Chelsea Peretti is an American stand-up comedian and actress who is most commonly portrayed as ‘Gina Linetti’ in Fox’s TV series Brooklyn 99. Peretti received a spot in Paste magazine’s 2014 Top 75 Twitters, and has remained an entertaining and involved member of the twitter community since.

Instagram of Chelsea Peretti, famous comedian and actress as of November, 2016.

As of November of 2016, Peretti is clocking in with 308,000 followers on Instagram and 569,000 followers on twitter. In comparison, Peretti follows only 779 on Instagram and 1197 on Twitter. Peretti’s pressence on twitter leans more political and comical, while Instagram seems to me a window into her personal life; often posting pictures of her dogs, or food.

Peretti is certainly not afraid however to voice her opinion, often times showing her quirky and over the top nature.

Peretti has certainly brought some attention to her through her social media accounts, often times making bold yet comical claims. With this past election season, she was not afraid to voice her dislike of Donald Trump.

as well as:

Peretti on twitter is very vocal about her liberal views, and will also defend herself if targeted by fans:

however, Peretti isn’t all up and arms about politics all the time. She does still use twitter for her quirky, comical tweets that won her Twitter praise in the first place. She puts out random polls, as well as tweets about what is on her mind. All tweets come straight from her.

On Instagram, Peretti also shows some bold political posts:

as well as directly to the President-Elect:

but she mostly posts pictures of her food, her dog or selfies:

In conclusion, Peretti is a pretty load and liberal social media presence who attracts people who share opinions with her, and probably annoys people who disagree with her. She is vocal and active on both Instagram and Twitter, and doesn’t usually have an “MO” per say, but will often protect her political views.

Peretti is a comedian at heart, and keeps to a comical and quirky undertone, with also sticking to dishing out what she thinks is right. Overall an entertaining celeb to follow if you’re into that type of humor/commentary.



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