Working out the internet can suck. Seriously, it can be so distracting and time consuming. But it doesn’t have to always be this way and there are tools and extensions which can help the experience of working out of the internet be less distracting. Here are just a couple of extensions that could help improve your overall productivity while working out of Chrome (I’m sure most are available via Microsoft Edge and Firefox).

Infinity New Tab

This is the coolest application in the sense that it allows you to add all of your favorite and most viewed websites into one dashboard with every tab. Plus it still gives you a search bar with a drop down giving you the option of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Sogou, and Baidu.

Screenshot from my computer at the moment.(Woot-Woot only 7 emails!)

Just image how much time you could save when you open a new tab and good chances the web app you’re trying to get to is right there. No need to type into Chrome “Evernote” for the 28,294,827 time of the week or keep yet another tab open.


Speaking about tabs. Who else is guilty of using their Chrome tabs as a todolist from time to time? This is where OneTab comes into play. It will shrink your tabs into one small page with a list of websites. This will save you a lot of time but more importantly it saves memory and battery under the ___ your Chrome browser dosen’t have to push so hard to keep all your tabs open.

Three tabs condensed into one single pretty list!


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dashboard which reports how we used our time online? This is exactly what RescueTime does. It let’s you choose how distracting certain sites and categories are or not. For example. I only read stories on Medium via my phone and the reason for this is because when I’m on my computer it’s “work time” only. So I set RescueTime to give me productive points whenever I am on Medium via my computer as I would be writing. Yet, when I’m on my phone I set it to “distracting”. But be careful with cheating yourself on this app. I think it’s easy to agree that setting Facebook as “very productive” it’s entirely accurate for most.


Digital marketers might have one of the hardest jobs in the sense that they can’t just “block” social media sites from their browsers as they’re working. So instead of blocking social media sites digital marketers must find ways to make social media sites less distracting from their work. This is one tool for that situation. FeedArt is a fun little tool made by “” which turns your Facebook Ads into pieces of art. This isn’t a end all be all solution and most likely your friends status are what will distract you the most. But hey at least you can know you won’t be distracted by yet another Facebook ad.

These should be ads!


Most of you have heard of this app already. But if you haven’t Buffer is a social media management app which allows you to schedule social media, create reports, and a few other nifty things. But what the Buffer extension does for you saves lots of time. It lets you share anything online on all your major social media accounts with one click. You can even schedule out the post for later or queue it for later.

Block Site

This has to be the most amazing extension I have ever came across and for great reason. As you could guess it allows you to block websites which are a major distraction and redirect you to a different website. For example if I were to go to TechCrunch on my Chrome browser right now it will redirect me to Pynely’s Internal Google Site. Blocking the correct websites right now could seriously help you get into flowstate much faster.


If you’re the type of person who has a piece of paper or a note on your computer will all of your passwords written down. Time for a change. 1Password is an application which let’s save all of your passwords and login info and you can sign in to an account by just going to the extension and clicking on the accounts icon. This saves massive amounts of time as you don’t have to remember or look up yet another password. You also don’t have the excuse of using the same password on every application anymore as 1Password lets you create a random password of up to 64 characters.

Evernote Web Clipper

I can almost guarantee everyone reading this on Medium knows and/or uses this Chrome extension. But in the off chance you don’t know what this extension is I will explain. Evernote Web Clipper is exactly what the name entitles. It clips parts of the web to your Evernote. This can be done via web page screenshots, simplified page web page screenshots, snippets of the page, or simply a bookmark. But the true power comes from the fact that you can markup your clips with tags and give it a name directly into your Evernote account in whichever notebook you deem fit.


There are thousands of other amazing Chrome extensions out there that will increase your productivity. Some are better than others but at the end of the say what will increase your productivity the most is not found within another Chrome extension. It’s called self discipline. But staying on the topic of Chrome Extensions to help increase productivity. Which extensions did I miss? What are your favorite Chrome extensions?



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