Last updated: July 2018

Finding the right format for your articles is not always the easiest job. Mainly because there’s no such thing as a perfect blog post formula.

But nailing your content marketing strategy requires research and testing. Especially when you have to consider factors such as readability, grammar, SEO, uniqueness, value, target audience, and several others.

To help you get a better look at what a proper piece of content should look like, I’ve put together this comprehensive list of the successful writing tips and articles from various industries:

Venngage — The Ultimate Infographic Design Guide: 13 Tricks For Better Designs

Start with a summary list of what you’re going to develop upon in the rest of the article:

This will be helpful for readers who want quick tips or might just want to look at a certain piece of advice.

Reference official reports or studies for a credibility and trust boost:

Lots of media examples (infographic samples in this case):

Helpful internal links:

Social Media Examiner — Marketing Your Business on Facebook: How to Choose Between Profiles, Pages, and Groups

Clear structure with line breaks and bolded sentences for emphasis and to guide Google’s robots towards relevant keywords:

Separate text boxes for different but related content:

An engaging conclusion or CTA that asks readers to contribute:

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