Question from someone wondering about how to use WordPress to drive lots of blog traffic:

Q: What is the best way to generate traffic to wordpress blog?

A: Content marketing. and not just traditional content marketing, what “Evergreen content marketing.” what is Evergreen content? Is the process of writing a blog post in excess of 1500 words or more. Make no mistake that you need to have a self hosted WordPress blog on a dedicated server if you want your blog readers to take your online business blog seriously. You’ll never earn good money using free blogging platforms like blogspot and, though they are good portals to get content marketing experience before transitioning over to a dedicated web server and a self hosted WordPress blog.

Once you have your self hosted WordPress blog installed on the dedicated web hosting solution, you need to get in the mindset of writing Evergreen content either every day, or every other day. Search engines thrive off of indexing fresh content into search engine results pages. With that said, was always opportunity to drive hordes of traffic to your WordPress blog by getting in the consistent mindset of writing lots and lots of content. Blogging is a patient process of consistent content marketing, meaningful relationship building with your blog reading target audience, and staying on track with writing lots and lots of Evergreen content. The longer your blog posts are, the better you rank in search engine results pages of Google and YaHoO!.

When you post blogs for six months consistently after blogging evergreen content daily or every other day, you’ll notice a massive increase of traffic to your blog, improve search engine rankings, and staying one step ahead of your competitors by blog content marketing consistency.

Hopefully, this answers your question how to drive more traffic to your self hosted WordPress blog. Stay tuned for more questions and answers coming.



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