It is always hard to select the niche. I’ve had success in cycling niche in past, did good amount of first hand research to write articles as well so deciding the niche wasn’t very hard for me as I wanted to play in known waters.

I wanted to be very picky about the keywords, I decided to choose keywords which might have very low search volumes but very specific(jargon:long-tail). In SEO this matters because, at least in the beginning, I am going to go after long tail keywords — very exact, intention-driven keywords with lower competition that I know I can win, then gradually I’ll work my way to the more competitive high traffic keywords.

Cool Editing Skills

Here is the screenshot of few of the keywords I’ve selected. Even though the monthly searches may seem extremely low but they’re highly “buyer intent” keywords. Only someone who is on the edge of making buying decision will search those phrases.

Spent 16 hours to find this keywords and my target was to find 30 of the keywords which have extremely low competition(near to none) and buyer intent.

Now the next task is to write 30 articles answering every single question a buyer might have. I plan to write 1000 words for each article and to be finished in 15 days. So total 30,000 words in 15 days, target is to write 2000 words a day.

This will be the longest 15 days, hope I’ll finish on time.

Minor Update: Started building social presence for the site, created generic Facebook page, Twitter and Reddit account.



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