Since I am wearing glasses on and off for quite a few years now, I always wanted to try something else. Contact lenses to be specific.

Don’t really know what it was about today in particular but just as I saw optician sign in my local supermarket I decided that it was time.

Getting them was actually a lot quicker and cheaper than I initially thought. I was thinking that I’ll need to wait at least a couple of days, however after around 30 minute I was already going home with 5 sets of new contacts.

After I got my eyes checked I was taught how to put in and take out the lenses. Now this is where it was pretty difficult. I never realized that contacts were so ruberry and hard to see.

My eyes were getting red as my consultant patiently gave me instructions of where to my put hands and how to open my eyelids.

After agonizing 15–20 minutes I was ready take the world with my new set of contact lenses.

Overall, I’m happy that after 3+ years of wanting to try them I finally did it. Tho, I already know that I won’t be using them after I run out of those 5 sets. At least I think so.


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