Welcome and congratulations on making it here. We are sure that you will enjoy it. We certainly did. First things first, you know that he is an excellent kisser. He lured you in with that. It’s a great move. Be ready for the kissing. It doesn’t stop once you get in the bedroom. Oh no, it will continue before, during and after. Yep, we loved it. Except for #19. Something is wrong with her.

He’s going to start out gentle. Don’t be fooled. You are in for a ride. Yes, he has fingernails and he is going to use them. Give it back to him, he can take it. In fact, #37 got him so good his daughter thought he had been tagged by Wolverine.

Same with the biting. He can get carried away. He will also promise never to leave a mark where it can be seen. #29, #34 and #41 would like to disagree. We suggest you never leave a mark where it can be seen. #21 was foolish enough to do that. It wasn’t appreciated.

A brief choking can happen. Isn’t really a big draw for him. Do it, don’t do it. It doesn’t seem to matter either way. He can get into the spanking. Most of us think it is somewhat funny and just let him. #17 was into it a little too much.

Hair pulling. This is a warning. He does love it. Hopefully you have some to spare. We have all had some clumps bigger than we wanted come out the next day.

That brings us up to blow jobs. This can go either way. He wasn’t into them for a long time, then that damn #45 got him completely hooked. Before her, he would say that he didn’t like them. Well, even with her he would say that he didn’t like them, but after she was successful a few times, we stopped believing him. Our advice? Go down. Definitely go down. Just don’t get too comfy. He will probably stop you.

He will want to go down on you. And you will want to watch this. Trust us! He is crazy sexy when he is doing it. #42 actually made a video of it to watch when she was by herself.

Balls. Touch them. He will go crazy. Love it when he throws his head back and rolls his eyes in pleasure. In fact, we didn’t cover general touching. Do it. Just run your fingers all over him. His skin is pretty addictive. The beard is fun to play with, we agree!

As you can see by the numbers, he was/is/continues to be a bit of a man whore. Don’t let this bother you. Look at it this way, the practice will pay off for you. And yes, we like to prefer thinking that #25 and #32 never happened as well.

In general, just enjoy. Arrive happy, leave happy. He will definitely work hard to make sure that you are satisfied, so we would like to gently suggest that you do the same. We also like to think that we had his best interests at heart. Probably not #13 or #26, but you don’t want to join that club.

He is never selfish. He will never finish before you. And you will feel very content when you lay in his arms afterwards. Don’t leave. Stay. He doesn’t like sleeping alone. Plus, you will probably get bonus morning sex if you stay. Delicious.

From all of us we would like to applaud your choice and wish you good luck. But most importantly, have fun!


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