Did Donald Trump shut down Snapchat? Despite the rumors, the new President of the United States of America did not shut down Snapchat. When Hillary Clinton began promoting her Snapchat account, Trump insulted her because he didn’t think the app’s users were old enough to vote. A short time later, Trump created a Snapchat account of his own.


No matter what you think about Trump, there are numerous lessons we can learn from his victory. If you’re a marketer or you want to start your own business, use the tactics that Trump used to gain success. Check out the list below to steal some strategies from Trump’s playbook.

Did Donald Trump Shut Down Snapchat?

Did Donald Trump Shut Down Snapchat?

Lessons We Can Learn From Donald Trump’s Election Campaign

Don’t let the opinions of others consume you. No one bites their tongue when it comes to their strong feelings about Trump. Instead of letting the opinions of others bother him, he used the hate as motivation.

Don’t deliver a product, deliver an experience. Hillary Clinton sold herself to voters. Her political experience and knowledge was the focus of her campaign. On the contrary, Trump focused on the experience he would create when he became President.

Share your passion. When there’s nothing to burn you have to set yourself on fire. At one point, Trump was doing five speeches a day. If you’re passionate about it, do more of it!

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