Past few days we discussing Search Engine Marketing, so today some new view of discussion is “ what are the various difference between SEO and SEM” We have a view that SEO and SEM are two different paths, but SEO is the part of SEM.

These are all the strategy of the Internet Marketing. Strategy of the internet marketing includes

Mobile Marketers
Social Media

What is SEO?

We know about SEO now we have some basic view about SEO. Search engine optimisation is used to rank high in search engine for specified keyword. There are two kinds of SEO they are On-site SEO and Offsite SEO.

On-Site SEO

In On-site SEO we optimise the on-page of the site, we optimise on-page by using heading tags, meta description, Img alt text and much more.

Off-Site SEO

In Off-site seo, we increase the trust factor of the site by various SEO activities like social sharing bookmarking and much more.

What is SEM?

The goal of the SEM is to increase the search engine visibility and increase the website traffic by paid search ( Paid Search Advertising )
Most public agency for paid search is Google AdWords. While the keyword search by the user the site will be displayed in ads along with search results.

Importance of SEM traffic

SEM is also the important source for increase the website traffic. When we click the ad on the search results, it also considers as the conversion of the site.SEO also perform the same process, but we are not able to conclude the SEO or either SEM alone increase the traffic. We must perform both activities for both SEM and SEO for long term results.Now-a-days social media platforms also concentrate on improving theirs paid results events. Facebook steps into the new platform called Facebook ads. For better results, we must go through all the strategy search engine ranking.



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