Robbie’s Lobby of Hobbies, Kemosabe

I’m too lazy to take a picture of my own hobbies, so I found a stock image of someone else.

Since going off Facebook, Instagram, and iOS games, I noticed I have more desire and more patience to pursue hobbies. It makes a lot of sense, when I think about it. I like to compare it to eating, partly because I had the idea of a 30 day distraction detox from my wife’s Whole 30 diet. Social media is like sugary processed food. It’s ready to be eaten, and you can usually eat it in small quantities throughout the day. Hobbies are like whole foods that usually require preparation, and although they don’t satisfy a sweet tooth, they’re more deeply satisfying.

So when I decide to pursue a hobby, often it’s not very satisfying up front, like those social media feeds and notifications are, so I used to give up fairly quickly. But when I eliminated the temptation entirely, when my hobby isn’t immediately satisfying, I don’t have a cheap alternative to fall back on, so I stick with it. And that’s where the deep satisfaction comes.

One question I continue to ask myself is whether I’ll decide to stay off these things for good, or convince myself that I’ll be more disciplined with them after these 30 days. Although I do miss seeing what my family is up to on Instagram, and I like reading my friends’ funny comments about current events, I certainly do not miss the constant neck-bending and mindless and endless scrolling.


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