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It’s useful advice from guys at Hiut Denim Co — do one thing well.

And I thought we were; but, on reflection, perhaps I’ve been confused as to what ‘one thing’ actually means.

One thing can, in fact, be many

At NKB our ‘one thing’ is influencer marketing (God, how I hate the term influencers — but, that’s another story) or, more precisely, the data that underpins influencer marketing campaigns.

i.e. Who are they? Where they are? What’s their influence (as measured by audience size)?

These are all the questions we answer, from just that one thing — influencer data.

Though, is that really just ‘one thing’?

On the surface, the provision of influencer data is a single concept that can be described in a short sentence. Yet, as we’ve expanded from our original database (men’s lifestyle) and moved into other areas (women’s fitness and interior design), our one thing has — actually — become many.

We’re not experts in every industry

The proposition of our Men’s Lifestyle Influencer Database is credible because of our expertise within the industry. Working as bloggers, with a distinct focus on men’s lifestyle, means that brands trust our knowledge on influencers. The sell is, generally, easy.

When it comes to other areas, that expertise is diminished. We know something of these industries, but not a huge amount. No matter, we thought, we’ll just bring in some experts who are.

And, that strategy worked. We’ve created databases that are as thorough and credible as our original Men’s Lifestyle Influencer Database.

The key thing we overlooked, though, was our own lack of exposure to the market.

For men’s lifestyle, we have an inbox brimming with contacts in the industry and a mailing list of people keen and willing to hear from us. For the other industries we tackled, we just don’t — and those connections are key to making sales.

Scaling it back to just one thing

By thinking about what ‘one thing’ means, allows us to be more focused in our outreach and our marketing, as well as making our proposition to clients far clearer.

So, for now at least, we’ll be focusing solely on men’s lifestyle influencers — the industry we started with and the one we know, by far, the best.

That’s not to say that we won’t ever move back into other industries; it’s just that, if we do, we need to develop the skills, expertise, and (most importantly) the connections in these areas, before we do so.

Then — and only then — can our ‘one thing’ expand to be a little more than it is now.

Thanks for listening.



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