Have you been running out of time and unsure why? Maybe you need an online tracker.

What is Rescuetime?

Before I start my analysis, I want to explain the purpose of Rescuetime. Basically, Rescuetime is an app/software that shows you how you spend your time. Whether it’s on Facebook or watching Netflix all day (and all night) or on productive things such as reading headlines or other learning resources.

My Findings

The purpose of downloading this software was to track and analyze my habits/pain-points. I used it on both my android and desktop to see if I could find any major differences or similarities. Since I downloaded the app on both my laptop and phone at the same time, I found that it didn’t track for the same amount of days (computer was 5 days and android was 4 days). That simply meant that I spent more time on my laptop from the time I downloaded the App. So, lets break things down. I did come to the realization that I spend a lot of time on social media, 15 hours on Instagram, 11 hours on Facebook, 9 hours on Snapchat; a total of 35 hours in a span of 5 days. I spent 24 hours on the phone as well as 5 hours on WhatsApp; a total of 29 hours. It is pretty evident that I use my phone strictly for socializing and entertainment. However, I used my laptop a little more efficiently. 52 hours were spent on communication and scheduling and 13 hours were spent on referencing and learning; a total of 65 hours. Unfortunately, I also spent a total of 39 hours on social media and entertainment on my laptop as well.

The Conclusion?

What I found was that I spent 65 hours on my education and 103 hours on social media and entertainment in a span of about 5 days. And to be honest, I haven’t been doing that great this semester. I found this App to be very beneficial and it was a wake-up call to get my priorities straight. I’m going to allocate my time to things that are high priority such as homework and any spare time after that can be spent on social media and entertainment.

If you think you’re not using your time wisely, you should definitely look into an App like Rescuetime. For more information, visit the link below

Screenshot taken from Android
Screenshot taken from Laptop


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