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There is absolutely right that web hosting and SEO Rankings have a direct relationship. As not a single web hosting company gives you a guarantee regarding the boost of SEO rankings of the website as your content also matters the most. If you are not posting content regularly or posting high graphical images can make your website backwards on the search engine.

But, another fact is that you have to watch out for some consequences that can happen due to the wrong web hosting company. As slow servers can ruin your website & business too. You have to look out some important aspects before selecting any best hosting company.

According to research 2 out of 3 websites have an adverse effect on their SEO rankings due to maximum downtime and speed of the website. As you have to take proper care by reviewing it regularly. As soon as you see some problems with it you should immediately contact the technical support of that company.

As these two are some important Web hosting factors which affect SEO rankings of a website-

  • Uptime/Downtime- This is one of the main factors which creates an effect on SEO rankings as downtime of the website means the period of time your site is inaccessible due to the problem in the web’s server.

As search engine spiders often try to visit your site several times a day and it is important that your site has maximum uptime. So always select a company that has 99% or 99.99% Uptime Guarantee will be the best for yours.

  • Speed of Website– search engines have this algorithm in their queue regarding the speed of a website as fast speed boost the SEO rankings of a website and on the contrary, if speed is slow then its ranking gets down.

As a slow down in website always not a problem for web host company but sometimes due to the high definition images and videos on a website or due to the configuration or coding of your website makes slow down of your website. As speed is an important factor for SEO Terms.

These factors affect SEO rankings due to the problem in the web hosting company. So it is important to choose a web hosting company wisely for your website. As many make a mistake on this as they are only searching for cheap pricing and they really ignore services & Features by them which is important for your website.



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