Are you looking for a way to make easy money over the internet?

I certainly am thanks for asking

You’ve probably looked into doing Dropshipping. Everyone knows that Amazon is king, and that it’s near impossible to compete with them in most things e-commerce. There’s one market that’s hardly been discovered…

Let’s hear it

It’s called Dropshitting

What is Dropshitting you might ask?

Does your boss not appreciate your hard work? Did your neighbor rudely ignore you this morning when you tried to tell him about your business idea? Guess what? There’s a way to get back at these people, and it’s called Dropshitting. For anywhere between $10 to a bulk ammount of frozen pizzas, our man Jerry will shit down the chimneys of your enemies

One simple trick. Homeowners hate him

The only problem is that demand is growing rapidly, and Jerry can only go a few times a day. We’re looking for more of what we call Synergy Specialists.

If you’d like to submit your resume, you can do so at


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