Being a blogger myself, am aware of the fact that how much time bloggers spend in narrowing down a topic for their blog, drafting, proofreading, publishing & spreading the word out. It takes royal time in following all these steps.

No matter how hard we try to spread the word about our blog posts on social media, we still feel something more could have been done.

Promoting posts on social media at various time zones is the perfect way to increase the visibility of the blog.

Before I share few tools, make sure you promote your blog posts on social media immediately after publishing them. And not for just once but at various times so that your content is read by your network. Apart from this, you can also increase the reach of your blog through the following tools:


CoPromote focuses on one core policy “You share theirs, they’ll share yours.”

The users are real & the content shared by them are also real. All you have to do is pick a post to boost from your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Vine & Instagram that you would like others to share within their networks. But in order for you to earn reach, you would have to share other people’s posts. The more you share, the more reach you gain which will help to increase the shares of your content.

Pricing: They offer free & paid plans in which the free plan will allow you to boost 1 post per week & paid plans ($49, $99 & $499 per month) will allow you to boost unlimited posts & will help you reach out to more people depending upon the plan.

Start A Fire

Do you like to share content you read within your network? Then this tool will be perfect for you.

Start A Fire helps in creating a branded badge of your content on the link you share.

For example, if you are reading an article and felt its worth sharing within your network, you can simply create a link from Start A Fire & post it. This way it will help you in taking your content in front of the new audience. You can integrate various other services like Buffer, Hubspot, Pinterest, Hootsuite, WordPress. The full list can be found here.

Pricing: The free plan covers almost everything & premium plan comes with additional advantages like managing multiple accounts, white label & advanced analytics.

AddThis (Related Posts Slider)

Related posts slider tool helps in boosting engagement & page views of your own blog posts.

Simply integrate the code on your blog & AddThis will do its magic. It randomly picks a post from your blog & displays the slider on the bottom right corner of the page (the position can be changed) which is being viewed by the visitor. This will allow visitors to stay on your blog & help in leveraging your blog’s content.

Pricing: The free plan is suitable for all & premium plans ($13 & $100 monthly) comes with additional advantages like customizing the look & feel, deeper targeting capabilities.

Quuu Promote

We are always in a fix when it comes to taking efforts to increase the visibility of our blog.

Quuuu Promote helps to promote our content to influencers.

It allows us to share the content with real people having a good amount of followers across Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin & Google+. All you have to do is submit the URL, create a small version of the share for the networks & add the image. Selecting a relevant category for your post is very important on Quuu. Most the content has to meet their standards else the posts may get rejected.

Pricing: It varies as per the relevant category you choose which is between $10 (reach 10,000+ people), $20 (reach 30,000+) & $30 (reach 100,000+ people) for 30 days of promotion per article.

Do you use any of these tools to promote your content? Or any other tools apart from these? Let me know. I would love to know more about your favorite tools.



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