With so many options around business owners and marketers wonder if email marketing is still alive? The question arises because not only Gen Y but also Gen X are more active on social media and keep themselves updated. People use emails for more formal purpose such as in case there is any mail from the teacher or boss. Or use it seldom for the purpose of checking bills and to know if there are any coupons from their favorite store. Well, the latter one still gives hopes. In fact, this is just an example. The email marketing is very much alive and fit as a fiddle but of course, it is changing with time.

As per Radicati Group (2015), there are 4.35 billion email accounts and which is expected to reach 5.59 billion by 2019. If this isn’t enough to prove that email marketing is here to stay then are few more facts which will give you confidence.
• For every $1 spent on email marketing, the return is more than $40.

• Email users are expected to reach 3 billion by 2020. (Radicati Group)

• Email marketing might be decreasing for personal communication but for business purpose 77% people still prefer that marketing offers should come via email. (Exact Target)

• Around 70% people still use a promo code or discount that they receive via email.

If people choose to give their email IDs then they expect to hear back from companies.
• As per Convince & Convert’s statistics, the above 70% consumer tends to do more shopping than those who have not received an email.

• As per McKinsey & Company, email marketing is the second in the row, after the organic search, to invite consumers. In fact, email is 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter combined when it comes to driving new sales.

If you are not seeking email marketing service from a marketing company then you are mission out something really important. Email might be no more for few activities but for others, it is showing every sign that it will remain for the foreseeable future.



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