As an advertising student at the University of Florida, I am often fascinated by post up ads I see around campus. I did some research through credible sites such as Forbes, and have created a list of 5 essential tips every advertiser should follow when creating any form of advertisements. The objective of the infographic is to simplify advertising as an industry in order to understand the components that make up for a good ad. All statements used in the infographic are up to date and were written to be easily understood. It is important to follow these tips in order for your ads to not be boring or overly worked on by the creative team and copywriter.

There are endless opportunities in the world of advertising. You could create 30 second TV spots or 3-minute videos that will go up on a social media site such as Twitter or Facebook. No matter where the content will be published there is a foundation that has to be set in order for the information to be understood across multiple platforms. The following tips will serve as a reminder to an experienced advertiser and as a useful guideline for all of us working hard to be sitting at Leo Burnett one day.

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