Day 1: You’ve gotta be different

Why is it so much harder to start a sentence or a blog post when you know other people aside from yourself are going to be reading it? And you subconsciously start editing out all the best and most honest bits…

This is not what this is though…

This series of blog posts named ‘Entrepreneur Realities’ will seek to avoid just that: sugar coating the ‘entrepreneurial experience’, and claiming how much I’ve been hustling when in reality I spent 2 hours creating a random documentation of my life while eating vegan Christmas cookies…

Enough with this rambly introduction, let me now actually introduce myself and this series.

For the past 38 days I’ve been recording my daily entrepreneurial and sometimes ’not so entrepreneurial’ life in the form of short daily blog posts. These were initially just for myself, for the pure purpose of getting my thoughts out on paper (or the computer), and reflecting on those thoughts later on.

Recently while I went through a few episodes of re-reading what I’ve written and I started cracking up laughing about what I’d written but at the same time admiring my ‘clever sounding’ thoughts I’d recorded a few days earlier, I realised that this stuff I’m writing down is probably somewhat interesting…and might not only help me, but also other people out there who’d like to know what it’s like to be a young entrepreneur.

And so with all the things I’ve been reading on social media and in books about the importance of putting yourself ‘out there’ as an entrepreneur and doing things you are scared to do, I thought… this is it.

Sharing bits of my life with other people is one of those things that’s scary to me.

So I’m going to do it.

And ‘Entrepreneur Realities’ was born.

To summarise it in one sentence, this series is an honest, and raw, daily documentation of the life, mind and experiences of a young entrepreneur (moi).

So what’s my story, and how did I get here?

I’m going to be honest straight up and say that writing my story is where it already gets ‘scary’ for me..but since this series is all about stepping outside my comfort zone, I figured I might as well share the whole thing (besides that, you probably care less about this than I think you do)…

So here you go:

My name is Katharina, I’m a 19 year old entrepreneur, who is slightly introverted, slightly ‘hippie’, sometimes thinks to much and has a lot of dreams. I was born in Germany and moved to Melbourne, Australia with my family when I was 11 years old. This is probably one of the BEST things my parents could have done for me because otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this post, and I most likely would not have been exposed to the ‘entrepreneurial world’ I have become to know.

Moving to a different country was difficult, but since I was only 11 I adapted quickly and learnt to speak English fluently after less than a year of living in Australia.

I’ve always loved writing and started writing my first book at 11 years old, but sadly it never got finished, let alone published.

At 13 I attended my first personal development seminar with my parents, and this is really where it all began. From the very first time I stepped into the conference room I was fascinated learning about the power of your mind and your beliefs… not once did I get bored during those three full days of the conference.

My journey continued as I began listening to Anthony Robbins and reading books such as ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and ‘Awaken the Giant within’. At 15 I learned about internet marketing for the first time and how it was actually a ‘thing’ to make a living on the internet working from your laptop. This was in 2012. After that event I knew that this is what I wanted to do at some point in my life. And something in me knew I could do it. I experimented with blogging, affiliate marketing, opening an Instagram account and starting my first e-mail list (which I never really did anything with, but it was still good experience).

At 16, I finally started my first ‘official’ business because I didn’t want to get a job, to self fund an overseas trip with school to Costa Rica… So I began making mobile optimised websites for businesses, running social media workshops for my local council and even wrote and published my first book on Amazon called ‘How to use Instagram’. All of this allowed me to go on this school trip which I 100% funded from my own money. And that was pretty cool.

In my final year of school things slowed down as I decided to be a little more ‘proper’ and actually give it my best at school. So I ‘neglected’ my business a little, made a lot less money, but I got a really good score at school. This was also the year I discovered one of my other passions and current motivations, which is veganism. I started eating 100% plant based and loved the lifestyle and it has become another one of my missions in life to inspire people with the benefits of this lifestyle.

And fast forward to now, which is nearly the end of my first year out of school and I have not gone to university but have attended several conferences on business and marketing (in America and Australia), learning from the top experts currently, started working with clients to help them with their digital marketing (especially focussing on Facebook advertising campaigns and online marketing funnels), completed several online courses, and ran my first virtual summit called “Online Vegan Lifestyle Summit” which had over 1300 attendees and also helped me several hundred dollars to my favourite farm sanctuaries.

In this year I also attended many awkward (and not so awkward) networking events, spent more time connecting with likeminded people and discovered some great (and not so great) realities about being a ‘work from home’ laptop entrepreneur.

Now fast forward even further and we are here today… the 12th of November 2016 and I’m sharing my life with the internet. I just completed 2 weeks of travelling to San Francisco for an amazing conference (and this is probably why I finally worked up the courage to write this daily series), and New York.. and now I’m back near my old home town with my beautiful grandparents, spending time with them, recharging, catching up on some much needed work and reorganising my life, so to speak.

So yeah, this is me in a nutshell.

Now why am I sharing this daily series with the internet?

Several Reasons…

#1) Consistency: it can often be difficult to maintain consistency in your life as an entrepreneur (I’m sure there will be many more posts to come addressing this particular topic), and this is my attempt to bring some consistency and HABIT into my life, because I heard consistency can do great things for you.. so we’ll see 🙂

#2) Reflection + becoming more self aware: I’ll be able to read back on posts and see how my mindset has changed or stayed the same over time, what I’ve accomplished 1 week ago, 1 month ago, hopefully 1 year ago… it’ll be fun to see the progress and become aware of my mistakes, failures, successes and thought patterns, and hopefully will help me to improve my business over time. Does this sound nerdy?

#3) Inspiration and spreading positivity: Hopefully these daily posts will inspire some people and help them to get an insight into what it’s like to be a young entrepreneur, and maybe it will inspire them to follow their own dreams, whether those are entrepreneurial or not…

And I want to spread compassion and positivity. Even though I’m not always 100% positive, I try to be as much as I can and want to spread my moments of gratitude and happiness with others so they can experience more of it too.

And hopefully it will also help me to become a better writer (not a main aim but would be a great side effect).

This first post is already very long, but I will share one main thought that I started off with when writing this:

‘You’ve gotta be different.’ And by that I mean that you have to be ‘you’, and shouldn’t worry about what other people are doing or thinking.

It’s something I’ve struggled with a lot in the past (and still do to a big extent), and probably held me back from achieving even greater things. But if you want to be successful, I believe you’ve got to stand out and be different.

And by ‘different’ I mean being authentically you.. whatever that is to you. Whether that’s doing dance parties with your family at home on a Friday night and listening to TED talks while other people go out clubbing, or it’s going for a walk on the beach as your ‘workout’ instead of to the gym…

Or it’s you sharing a video talking about a topic you are passionate about.

Whatever it is, own it and be you 🙂 That way you’ll stand out, and be different.

I’ve felt different from other people my age or at school pretty much since I was 11 years old, and instead of considering it a bad thing or sad thing like I used to, I now consider it as something good. And it’s helped me to get me on this cool journey that I’m on now…

And I will share more of it with you…

So if this peaked your curiosity a little, I will see you next time (which will be tomorrow since I’m now a disciplined entrepreneur with good habits 😛 ).




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