As we focus on growing our business something has come up time and time again as a reminder. I think (I could be totally wrong) it is natural for us all to want to do things on our own and think we have to do it all of ourselves. I could maybe only be speaking on my behalf but the idea that you have to do it all can be a limiting belief that can hold you back from truly making an impact.

It’s funny the more that we all get together work as a team and let go of the idea that we have to do everything ourselves the better the ideas and execution become. It seems like the idea of being a lone wolf or just branding yourself is promoted everywhere we look but doing it alone is simply a dead end road.

You cannot get anywhere without the help of others if you are looking to really impact a lot of people. Even the superheroes that are consistently being promoted don’t do it themselves such as a Tony Robbins or an Oprah Winfrey.

Although they are personal brands that almost everyone on the planet knows, they have HUGE teams to help them execute and without them they would not have anywhere near the impact that they have.

I believe this goes for everything that we are trying to accomplish in our life whether it be getting into shape, building a business, graduating school or any other major endeavor. The idea of self made is just false and anyone who believes that they did it all on their own is living in a fantasy.

It can be easy to think when you are succeeding that you did it all on your own and it can be equally as easy if not EASIER to put the blame on everything else when things don’t go your way. I would suggest not looking at it through that lens but continuously look for ways to get help, feedback, suggestions, etc.

We are all in this together and like a friend told me last week…everyone likes to feel like they can be helpful or be a contributing part of something. Maybe we are wired this way therefore we should be looking to offer opportunities to others to feel like they can contribute.

If you are not getting the results in your life that you want don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Someone in your life will be more than willing to help you I am sure of it 🙂


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