We all know that the most recent major update to Instagram included “stories” much akin (err replica?) to Snapchat’s stories.

For the Rio 2016 Olympics, Facebook launched a spot tested feature in Canada using filter masking technology —

The new Halloween Edition of the feature will allow you to select a variety of face masks and apply them just as you would on Snapchat. The catch however is that at the moment it is specifically for Facebook live. My main thought here is that because of Facebook’s internal (and external) push to be a video first platform, we are only going to see more of the “Video Composing” features integrated into the platform.

This all comes after Facebook acquired MSQRD — the popular free face mash app.

Facebook is also announcing a few unique emoji’s for Halloween. https://player.vimeo.com/video/189071901

Read the announcement article from FB

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