Introducing a new podcast from That Good You Need

It is with great excitement that I’m able to share a new project from That Good You Need.

A few months ago, Andrew Lim and I were discussing how interested we were in how the people around us ended up with the jobs they currently had. We talked about how you often think you’ll have a certain career when you’re young, much of the time due to the influence of your parents, then go to college for something else, then end up with a job that isn’t completely related to your college education, and then end up on a career path that could go in any number of directions. Other people, of course, know exactly what they’re going to do and follow a rather straight path.

Either way, even when you talk to those around you about the jobs they have currently, you don’t typically take a deep dive into their past and how they got there. We decided that was something we’d like to talk about, something that others might find interesting, and a way to learn more about how the world works. We set out to interview some friends, colleagues, and others in our lives, and those interviews became a podcast: First Name, Occupation.

First Name, Occupation explores what people do, and how they got there. Starting with childhood dreams, and working up to current roles. We don’t identify the names of the companies our guests work for, because it’s more about the job they have and the role they play than it is where exactly they work. We’d rather not distract people with someone who works at Google, we’d rather work through what it might be like to be a Computer Engineer.

You can find First Name, Occupation streaming at the link below, and you can find us on iTunes. We’re having some difficulty posting the link, but if you contact me directly I am able to send it to you personally. We’d encourage you to subscribe, as we’ll be putting out a new episode every two weeks or so for the next few months.

We hope you enjoy and learn something new!



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