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Would the White race be abandoned and U.S Dollar Currency due to this outburst of Millions of Dog sex videos ? Loss of Investors and Investments ? Why the technology haven’t been developed to monitor people who engage in Sex with their Dog ? When the Technology exists as other ground breaking Technology that is developed for tech like iPhone, Android, Home tech, Cars, and other Technology ? Is it because these Women do not want to be caught engaging into having sex with their animals and hide the Tech to not enable to access these environments to enjoy sexual pleasure privately ? Because the tech does exists to create these Apps. Mostly Millions of Apartment complexes and Homes both in Commercial and suburb would be by Law to carry this Technology if any type of animal is around to monitor these behaviors since of this discovery of Millions of Videos involving Dog sex with mainly White women both old and Young. After countless News media publications on Women committing sex with their Dogs, which most of these women through observation are White women, but here is a few News media reporting’s below:


It’s happened to most dog owners as to the previous article liked on Medium News were Dog owners engage in Sex with their Dog, which the report was massive amounts of videos in the Millions was discovered of young sexual woman having intercourse with their dog: You take your four-legged friend out for a hike or some other excursion in the car, and on the way home you need to stop to run an errand or get a bite to eat, but it comes that time of sexual pleasure when the Dog replaces the Man Male, which the Dog has a similar private parts such as the Testicles similar to a Man. The following link above of you search it on Google you will not find the link to be accessible anywhere even on other search engines such as Bing however the link was discovered and revealed from outside source who published the article that show these devastating acts (Google Link shown that does not query the link on any search links to be populated)(2017).

You can’t take your dog with you, but leaving your pet in the car or home the Law wants to record all activity with Dogs in these environments since the discovery of Dogs having sex with women.

This solution is with a small device called the PuppCommMonitor, which works kind of like a baby monitor for your dog and Owner to ensure the owner reports to ASPCA officials to ensure no sexual activity has been committed.

The device tracks the temperature and humidity in your car and home and sends the data to your smartphone in real time also to ASPCA officials, so you and ASPCA officials can monitor if conditions are getting unsafe and all sounds recorded. The device also features a microphone so you can hear if your dog is barking or in distress or in all environments, which the microphone must be active at all times since the discovery of the Massive Dog Sex Videos in the Millions however the article can be reached here on the 403 Forbidden links that was founded and shocking sexual engagements of Dog Owners which most White Girls masked themselves letting the Dog screw them finding sexual pleasure (403 Forbidden Dog Sex Videos discovered)(

It’s not a substitute for keeping an eye on your dog, but it can help in situations where you don’t have a choice but to leave the dog in your vehicle or get past recording data in many environments were the Dog and Owners were.

“People are doing this and people want to do this and it’s normal since the public outburst of the Millions of Dog Sex Videos.

Earlier this month, Ofiicials are looking to sign into law a bill that grants immunity to a person who owns a pet that they will be by law to wear Pet Monitoring ankle bracelet since the discovery of the Millions of Dog Sex Videos. The bill requires that person to make a reasonable effort to contact ASPCA to become registered due to the large publication of the Millions of Dog sex Videos.

Each PuppCommMonitor comes with large window stickers the dog owner can place on their home to record sounds then data sent to PuppCommMonitor. Using a code on the sticker, a official can even get a text message update on the temperature in the car or download any recorded data and contact the owner that this was reviewed.

Creating PuppCommMonitor isn’t about enabling dog owners to be reckless or irresponsible. The device is made for use in home environments.



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