Anyone can become an entrepreneur if they put their minds to it, but there is a fine line between trying and becoming successful and experiencing constant failure. The best entrepreneurs have the best practices and have only learned from their experiences. We all lose at some point, but that, in reality, is an experience. Over the years I have worked out a few habits that have helped me become successful, and they have also been similar habits to entrepreneurs that I know. Below are five habits that will help you achieve the goals you have set.

Time — Whether you wake up ‘early’ or ‘later’ in the day or whether you work ‘different’ hours to everyday people, the only thing that matters is that your routine makes you extremely productive. You do need to account for meetings and conference calls, but if your hours seem irregular but they work for you then never stop. Conforming to the way society works today should never be a pressure. Experiment and work out what timings suit you best.

Zone out — Creativity and thinking are two fundamental parts of every entrepreneurs DNA and to stay fresh, zoning out is the key to that. Success doesn’t just come by working, but it comes by relaxing, and this can be achieved by taking part in fun activities, watching television and taking regular breaks. I personally use the gym, walking, TV shows and travelling. Take breaks out of your schedule before your schedule breaks you.

Exercise — Keep yourself in the best shape possible if you want to live a long and prosperous life. Food and exercise will help you grow stronger, stay leaner and think clearer. There is no point working towards success if you aren’t going to enjoy every moment and your health is paramount to this. If you can’t find time for exercise, then your success could potentially be short so understand true wealth which is your health.

Plan — Strategise your vision to achieve success. View your project with long term profit in mind whether that is a short project which you sell quickly or a long-term venture you nurture for a few years. Either way, have the end in mind when strategising as this will help you make smarter decisions. This will stop you entertaining deals and projects that will take you away from your vision. Think carefully and concisely about what you would like to achieve and even though that may change after a few years, use it as a benchmark for your roadmap.

Daily goals — Living out your dreams need short term goals, and without them, we will all probably lose focus, and this can cause us to end up on a different path to which we initially desired. Every day set yourself targets that you can digest and cope with which in turn will motivate you on the long and tiresome journey. I view daily achievements like drinking water. Quench your thirst.

Hope you enjoyed the read and become successful.

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