1…Instagram Expands Features >>>

Instagram announced some exciting feature over the past week. Instagram Stories got upgraded, and users can now add links and mentions. This is valuable to businesses looking to sell items on the platform. They can now link directly to a website and/or product page for purchases. Have you tried the new Instagram features? You can learn more in the article by Marketing Land >>> HERE.

Instagram is making waves to be the top network. They want people to spend more time on the platform. Brands and retailers will definitely benefit from the added hyperlinks on Stories. I can see this being a game changer. Have you purchased items from an Instagram post? I mean, have you actually clicked on the ad [to shop] or providing your information and email to the seller via commenting? I have and had various experiences. It will be interesting to see how this helps or hinders sellers.

2…Twitter held an awards ceremony…on Twitter >>>

The Twitter Awards happened last week. The awards were presented by Twitter to brands who were successful on…Twitter. there were 15 winners in five categories, all were announced by Vic Mensa, the host, in 140-second raps. Check out the video of @VicMensa announcing the winners. You can read the full Twitter Awards story on PRWeek.com >>> HERE.

Twitter’s future is uncertain. There are several recent news reports of suitors to buy the social network. But, those pending deals fell through. Twitter is left to fend for itself and evolve or implode. This awards ceremony serves as a way to showcase successes, but also remind brands and influencers that Twitter is a viable platform. We will see what the future holds for the struggling network. But first, can they INVENT an edit button for tweets?! Did you “watch” the Twitter awards?

3…Emoji URLs are coming >>>

Quartz.com reported earlier this month that emoji URLs are on the way. GoDaddy has a new domain registration for emojis. You can read more about emoji URLs >>> HERE.

I have to be honest. I’m not ready for this. I enjoy using emojis in text messages and social media. However, using an emoji to surf the internet, nope, I’m not ready. I’ll sit back and wait to see what happens with this situation. #DevelopingStory

4…Facebook turns off ethnicity targeting for some ads >>>

Facebook has agreed to remove ethnicity targeting in select ad categories, such as housing and employment. After hearing from civil rights organizations and lawmakers, Facebook is making the change. Read more about Facebook ethnicity targeting >>> HERE.

Did you know that Facebook allowed marketers to target based on ethnicity? Yea, that one slipped through the cracks. But, now that they’ve been called out for discriminatory concerns by the ACLU and others, Facebook is politely, and appropriately, removing ethnic targeting from certain categories. For instance, real estate companies could target desired ethnicities of potential buyers in a specific area. Facebook is removing this type of targeting from certain housing categories. I’m trying to think of a positive instance where ethnic targeting would be ideal. Maybe, it’s fitting to target ethnicities in the food category. Have you ever been blatantly targeted on Facebook because of your ethnicity?

5…Snapchat partners with Foursquare to improve geofilters >>>

Snapchat ads are getting more targeted. Advertisers can now use Foursquare data to create better, more location-relevant ads. You can read more on AdWeek.com >>> HERE.

Foursquare is still around?! Yes, yes they are. They continue to email me. I removed this app from my phone over two years ago. HOWEVER, Foursquare location data must still be powerful. It is said that the app has data on 90 million locations. I understand this deal from both sides. Snapchat wanted better data for their geo-filters. Foursquare is trying to stay relevant. Good for them for leveraging what made them famous to form this new partnership. I have to be honest, Snapchat is lower on my social media list; but I will be on the lookout to see how this pans out.

Snapchat inked a deal with Foursquare to power its location-based geofilters with more data that marketers can use to pinpoint where their ads are served. (Adweek.com)



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