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I dropped out of college in 2013 and went back to work in parts sales…
College was just too expensive, I had spent well over $16,000 at OSU before realizing something had to change. When i came back, i was depressed, distraught and broke. I did however gain one insight from college while attending, a passion for programming.

I had taken a course in VBA for Engineers and i distinctly remember how much i enjoyed it. Automating tasks, parsing, and creating charts from data was exponentially more fun for me than, say, my physics homework. So when i came back from my semester, i turned a new chapter in my life. I began studying HTML, CSS, and Javascript in my spare time.

Early 2014 i was doing side projects in wordpress (cringe) and starting my own businesses, utilizing my new found skills to create what would be a few of my very first personal websites and also projects for other people. I kept my head down and kept pursuing my passion. To be in control of my career. To be a commodity in the job marketplace as opposed to a dispensable clock watcher.

Late 2014 my businesses closed one way or another and i went back to being an average Joe (nothing against average Joe’s, they’re awesome people). I went to work as a sales rep for a local cable company. Using my free time to study programming and web development as much as possible. Early 2015 i started playing around with C# with a friend of mine and really buckling down on Javascript.

That’s when i found Free Code Camp…



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