What if. What if we stopped chasing every shiny idea? I’m sure there is one of you out there that loves to go after an idea each time you think of a new one. This idea could be THE one.

If you’re like me, you can set up a WordPress website and associated social media accounts before your kettle boils water. You get an idea and want to execute on it.

I believe it’s better to be initiative and get your idea moving as fast as you can—some people never even pursue one passionate idea—but, continually chasing these ideas could be holding some of us back.

I’m a serial idea starter and I believe it’s been leaving me extremely fragmented, mentally. I think the reasoning behind starting up so many ideas comes from lack of income. You just keep throwing mud against that wall and find out what sticks, right. But, if the idea requires consistent energy from you, it just seems like you’re spinning your tires and tossing mud straight up in the air. Nothing sticks.

This week I even started up another Instagram account that could promote an affiliate. And I’m going to abandon it because I feel it taking energy away from building the Pineapple Supply Co Instagram.

I am also abandoning a website idea that is doing next to nothing. I have not found any time to try and add content or promote it. One day, I believe I could make something of this idea, but not at this time. It’s hard because I’ve wasted some money, but I learned that I need to focus.

Pineapple Supply Co. and my own photography is the focus. And, now I can feel my level of anxiety go down a little bit because I don’t feel guilty for leaving the other website in the dark.

Continue thinking of ideas, though

I believe we should continue thinking of new and different ideas. This kind of exercise is important. I believe it’s James Altucher that recommends thinking up 10 new ideas every day.

Keep a record of your ideas in a Trello board or a journal. If the idea you’re currently pursuing fizzles out or fails, you can easily go back to your records and a new idea should surface for you to chase.

I’m sure there are people that can chase multiple shiny ideas. And 🙌🏻 to them! If like me, what if we tried not chasing all of our ‘great ideas.’ Maybe we should let them site and marinate for a while as we focus on just one.

For me, I want to rule out the lack of focus as what could be holding me back. Without some of these other ideas and websites associated with them, I’ll have the time and mental energy to produce much more content and hopefully help more people out.

Major Accomplishments:

  • Sales!
  • Completed first Instagram Critique for customer and they loved the feedback
  • Updated about page
  • Updated most of the photo collection product images
  • Converted almost all of photo collections as ‘pay what you want’
  • 2 inquiries regarding wedding photography. set up meeting with 1 so far
  • Put up service on Fiverr to do Instagram Critiques.

Growth Metrics:

  • Revenue: $56 (total: $3588, weekly growth: 2%)
  • New Newsletter subscribers: 30 (total: 461, weekly growth: 3%)
  • New Instagram followers: 556 (total: 6320, weekly growth: 9%)
  • New Facebook Likes: 3 (total: 268, weekly growth: 1%)

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