What is the fruit thing on Snapchat? The females on Snapchat are playing a game. If a girl post a blueberry it means she’s single. Most of my friends posted a pineapple which means it’s complicated. They weren’t lying! If you see a raspberry it means the girl doesn’t want to commit aka leave her alone.


The second most popular fruit my friends posted on Snapchat was the cherry which means you’re in a relationship. If you see a banana it means the user can’t find the right person. Leave your friends that posted a lemon on Snapchat alone! It means the person wants to be alone. Anyone who is brutally honest enough to post a lemon should be single.

Fruit On Snapchat Blueberry Strawberry Pineapple Game

Fruit On Snapchat Blueberry Strawberry Pineapple Game 
 The only rule of the game was not to tell any males about it. Once my male friends decoded the game, they could care less. They all posted eggplants and kept it moving.

 Snapchat was healthy tonight. Seeing all that fruit made me eat an orange. If I wouldn’t have looked at my friend’s post, I definitely wouldn’t have eaten the orange.

As explained above, if you see a lemon, leave her alone. She’ll come running back to you once you stop paying her attention.

Which fruit did most of your friends post? Let us know in the comment section below!

Originally published on Empire BBK



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