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Dallas, Texas Today at Gab AI Inc, a people first pro-free speech social network, we were particularly amused to discover that our competitor at Twitter is tinkering around with the concept of user-controlled self-censorship — a tool that has been the staple of our platform, since its inception from the beginning of August.

Our platform has been consistent from the very beginning — we believe in the power of choice and the ability of users to make responsible decisions for themselves.

By giving individuals the option to filter content, selecting what they want to read and don’t want to read, we send a strong message to the online community of the world — the masses should not be infantilized and told how to think. This is goes against the heart of customer service and indeed, free speech.

Here at Gab we will never arbitrarily ban our users for holding the “wrong” political views or expressing themselves. We will always empower them, giving them the freedom to choose and putting them first at all times.

About Gab AI Inc

Gab is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 300-character messages. Gab’s mission is to put people first and promote free speech and expression online. Gab is currently in private beta testing and is one of the fastest growing consumer startups of all time.


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