One of the strongest ways of searching content of social networking websites is with the use of hashtags.

These are 3 ways to make the most out of hashtags

  • #never #write #hashtags #like #this

One of the common errors people make while writing content is that they hashtag every word of the sentence, this limits the number of hashtags which can be used (on some website you can use only a fixed number of hashtags eg: Instagram allows only 30 hashtags per post). Each and every social network has a way of using hashtags do cater to that before starting out a campaign.

It is very important as a business or as a blogger to follow and then create a hashtag. Following a hashtag comes down to the target market you want to attract while creating content, eg: if you’re a food blogger who wants to target only vegetarians, you interact with people who have posted posts with the hashtag #vegetarian. Once you have followed a hashtag and created a huge audience for yourself, you can influence your follower base to use your business hashtag, eg: Mumbai foodie, an Instagram food blog uses the #mumbaifoodie in all of its posts. This hashtag has gained a lot of popularity and has influenced other food bloggers to tag their posts with it just to be noticed in the Mumbai food blog community.

You just noticed that nearby there is a food event and a hashtag #foodexpo is trending and you’re a food blogger, what do you do? How do you make the most of it? You simply follow the hashtag like you own it. Yes, you heard it right. If a hashtag is trending it means that there are a lot of people talking about a topic or engaging with it. As a food blogger, this is the moment to slip in some content such that you get noticed within the wave. But remember always to post content which is relevant and not just for the sake of posting. This would increase your chances of getting noticed online, through the expo now you could earn a few followers who didn’t know you existed till yesterday.

I have used some above tips and tricks for my food blog, Check out Vedgetarian Blog



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