A prospect client asked me to check if Gather integrated with Klaviyo.

Because Gather integrates with Shopify and syncs the email leads you receive with Shopify, any other Shopify app that gets leads from your Shopify account automatically integrates with Gather.

Sure enough this is the case with Klaviyo. Klaviyo is an email marketing application that is focused on results. According to Klavioyo, the average Klaviyo customer makes more than $75 for every $1 spent on email.

When your customer sees a Gather popup and signs up, they receive their discount code instantly in the same popup so that they can use then and there.

Gather then syncs the lead with Shopify, which in turns syncs it with Klaviyo. When we tested it for our client, the email lead, along with the associated tags, appeared in Klaviyo in seconds.

Works great!

Hope you enjoy using Gather with Klaviyo, via Shopify; a great match!

What other Shopify email integrations would you like us to test for you? Leave some suggestions in the comments.



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