What a year 2016 was for snapchat, no less the most inexpensive marketing tool ever created, GEOFilters.

Snapchat geofilters are special overlays for Snaps that can only be accessed in certain locations. So, basically, they are pretty graphics that dress up a Snap. They’re very similar to digital stickers, except they are actually built into the program (Bustle).

These stickers can only be accessed in a certain location to show to your snap contacts where you are. But that’s it. Surely there should be more? Not at the moment, but there is certain room for growth.

As well as showing your contacts a nice sticker the next step for snapchat should be sharing more data. Yep, I said it, data, taboo right? Stick with me (pun not intended).

If your hosting a business/charity event then sharing information such as location/ social media account could prove invaluable as it would allow you to track your ROI.

Take the event I went to in November as an example:

Whilst posting up a snapchat with their filter, curiosity would have risen but without a direct way of finding out more that would be the end unless they asked you directly.

With the inclusion of data sharing this wouldn’t be a problem. A friend on your snapchat would be either be able to click/swipe the TBCM HINENI to show a bit more information about the event such as; location, date and time of the event and social pages.

This is any marketers dream. Giving consumers the ability to find out more information and track at the same time. Alas, its just a dream but a dream that can easily be turned into reality.

Over to you Snapchat Inc.



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