Hello, Bloggers!

Today, I have come up with a quick way to enable HTTPS on your blogger custom domain name. You can easily enable it when you using blogspot.com but when you purchase a custom name such as .com, .com.ng blogger will disable it.

But using this little trick which is 100% SAFE, SEO friendly and Secure you will be able to enable FREE HTTPS for your blogger blog with custom domain. It should take only about 20mins to set it up and it will automatically start working on or before 24hours.

Note: Your blog will not notice any downtime. Not even for a minute.

Why you need HTTPS on Your Blog

Google claims to rank 30% of websites using HTTPS on the first page. Many bloggers have testified to this… more reasons

  1. Look professional
  2. Protect your blog readers from online hackers
  3. get a boost in page speed
  4. higher SERP.

Step By Step Guide

Step 1

visit www. cloudflare.com >> Create a free account.

Step 2

On the next page, type in your website URL and click Scan DNS Records.

Step 3

CloudFlare will now show you all your DNS records, click “Continue”

Step 4
On the plan list, select Free Website. This is enough to secure your blog.

Step 5
CloudFlare will provide you with new nameservers. Go to your domain registrar and replace the default ones. When done, click Continue.

Step 6
Welcome to dashboard >> Go to “Crypto” >> Change “Full” to “Flexible”.

Step 7
Go to page rules. Here you check the original post for details (URL below)

step 8
Go to firewall >> Change it from “Medium” to “Low”.

That is all for setting up free HTTPS on blogger custom domain.

All you need to do next, is fix mixed content errors and also optimize your blog HTTPS for high SEO ranking. All these have been explained with images in my blog. URL below.




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