Virginia Salas Kastilio, better known as Ginicanbreathe online, is a professional Snapchatter, YouTube influencer, happiness researcher, and social activist. After five years working in Sales and Marketing at Apple and Oracle, Gini decided to create her own consulting business, Breathe Consulting. Breathe Consulting is a Snapchat Consultancy and Agency that assists brands with Snapchat marketing, analytics, branding, and more. She was one of the first people to create a personal brand on Snapchat. Now, she’s working on a project with BBC London.

As a social activist, Gini has done various social projects to spread love, happiness, and positivity. One social project she has done is called “Standing for Self Love” where she stood naked and blindfolded in New York City and asked strangers to draw a heart on her body to support self acceptance. The purpose of this project was to remind anyone who struggles with self esteem issues, like herself, that all bodies are beautiful. It takes so much strength and courage for someone to expose themselves in that way to raise awareness for self love, which is why so many of her fans and followers admire her.

Gini also created the I Trust You Movement. The objective of this movement is to bring people closer together — one hug at a time. You can hug any stranger wearing an “I Trust You” shirt because they are an ambassador of the movement. Gini created the I Trust You Movement because she wants to promote love and kindness in the world as well as build connections between strangers.

Gini did her first Talk Show in October and fans learned more about her job as a professional Snapchatter. Watch the replay on the app! Follow FanDate on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and be on the lookout for her future FanDates!


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