Do you remember your childhood years?

Yesterday I went down memory lane when I was interviewed on the Podtent Marketing Podcast show.

I was asked about my childhood and what I learned at a young age. It made me think of my memories and how they formed me into who I am today.

I remember being the best at selling and fundraising. I was the top salesmen in boy scouts for selling popcorn (yes that’s me above), I always won the bike every year for most money raised in saint Jude’s Bike a thon, and I remember working every summer with my father in the ice business.

As a child I got to see my dad go through the journey as an entrepreneur. He started from nothing and ended up building a successful business. He had a lot of ups and downs. It wasn’t an easy road, but he kept going.

I soaked up everything I witnessed in the family business and what my father did to make money.

Another memory that sticks with me as a child was being picked on at school for having a lisp. Kids made fun of me and I hated going to speech class. A teacher would come get me in the middle of class and everyone knew I had to get special treatment because I couldn’t speak properly. I hated this!

This led me to speaking in front of a mirror daily and getting better at speaking. I learned to discipline myself and practice daily. Eventually I saw my lisp go away and I no longer had a speaking problem. I made my weakness my strength.

These memories and experiences as a kid made me into who I am today. I believe everything happens for a reason. Our good and bad experiences from our past form us into who we are today. Be thankful for your past. Use the past to form your future in a positive way, not negative.

Think about your childhood. What did it look like? Were you bullied? Did you experience things that formed you into the person you are today?

I’ve learned to look at the bright side of all things that have happened to me in life. When you look for the good, good things happen.


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