This photo is Google art. This is a Google server. The art’s message is clear. Google is technology. Google is information technology. Google Labs is the leading edge of technology and appears similar to the old Bell Labs. This amazing company takes the turns of the road like a Ferrari and outruns their competitors. Smart business men and women abound at Google. This is a very well run company and integrity abounds. Google looks like a great long-term investment.

Cutting edge inventiveness and product R&D money land Google ahead in its corporate acquisitions, Google Glass, WiFi, Cloud Computing, unmanned cars, Google Earth, and movable rings of technology above the clouds. Their technology and new product lines allow American ingenuity to shine again and enhance your quality of life in a new age fashion. Google is the Rock Star of the technology world.

Cloud back-ups prevent information loss of employee records and historical corporate records. Google Earth allows anyone to pinpoint your home from outer space and map the shortest path to your home. New WiFi increases bandwidth and strengthens the internet service almost anywhere in the world. Several areas of this instant availability of information seem scary.

Is this WiFi for the angel investors or a new way for Google to deliver investors massively high returns on equity? Does it peak your curiosity when the Google pulls its Google Lab profile? Off-radar investing in WiFi to increase their productivity in a stealth manner.

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