Search engines love to maintain a pristine display of authentic pages which are radiating with quality content. Although, some villains try to outright others by purchasing backlinks and playing not-so-good tricks. In return, Google runs an algorithm of over 200 ranking signals for keeping tight radar. Penguin is one of those parameters which can desert and destroy such spammy websites for good.

Here are the 6 things you need to know about the Google Penguin 4.0 Update.

1 . Why was Penguin 4.0 so awaited?

Penguin was last updated two years ago with some hard-and-fast rules. This troubled several pages to wrap up their business, due to their links with Black Hat SEO. Many tried to disavow this curse with genuine improvisations, but couldn’t recover completely. So, this winter Google turned a little soft and way smarter with the Penguin 4.0.

2 . Penguin’s real-time baby

Instead of rolling out a new egg every other Easter, Google decided to ‘keep it real’ from now on. Penguin 4.0 has been developed as a real-time algorithm that catches up with your site’s activity almost immediately.

So, if you’ve remained stuck with the last update, then expect a liberation movement anytime soon. It also implies that if your page is about false SEO-ing, then the website may drown anytime soon.

Here are a few SEO dos and don’ts that you might wanna cross-check for a successful SEO strategy.

3 . Getting granular

Let’s face it; not all the bad backlinks are placed with self-consent. Your page might be getting spiked by some nasty rivals. In order to play fair with the entire hood of content marketers, writers, SEO agencies and what not, Google decided to become ‘granular’. At least that’s what they call it on the Google’s webmaster central blog.

Instead of getting whammed for the entire website, your spams will be ranked on a different scale altogether. In long, Penguin 4.0 might impact a specific page or section of the website, which is sending bad signals to the crawling algorithms.

Still, you might consider going through our cheat sheet of simple SEO activities and aim higher.

4 . There’s no escaping

The terrific idea of a real-time algorithm is being implemented for all languages and in all countries (except the ones without the Internet itself). One thing you need to know about Penguin 4.0 is that it is part of the core algorithm from now on, and not a separate entity. The tables have turned for this fella from being a house guard to becoming a full-time in-the-club bouncer.

5 . About the Penalty

Penguin 4.0 is on a diet for staying granular, but it still serves mean penalties for desserts.

As per the Facebook announcement from Google’s Gary Illyes, people are still recommended to use the disavow file option for staying clear of troubles. For people with poor intentions, who try all sorts of systematic manipulation; Google has prepped itself with a harsher ‘manual actions team’.

Since things will be happening at the speed of a real-time Penguin 4.0, it will be extremely tough to identify what hit you? It’s like the fictional dementors of Azkaban have landed right on your page and sucked the daylight out of it.

6 . Peace Out from Google

Tired of all the trash talks and naysayers, Google has put on a ‘no comments’ label. Not literally, but after providing a real-time assistance, Google wishes to comment no further on any future refreshes. Take it or leave it.


SEO is a way of presenting the content and not the content itself. Irrespective of what generation of upgrades we see in the future, content will always remain the dough. Stick that quality with some simple practices and an honest approach; you will certainly find your vessel floating. However, if you find SEO to be messy or a time-consuming business, then you can always call upon your friends at the Infinista Concepts.


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