5. Have more than one way to sign up

When you’re looking to grow your mailing list, it is important to make sure that you give potential subscribers more than one way to sign up to it. For example; if you are trying to drive more sign ups from your website, you could include a sign up form, pop up form and a call to action on your homepage. They will all achieve the same outcome, but each method will appeal to different people and increase the overall chances of getting more subscribers.

6. Collect data the right way!

Collecting subscriber data is so often overlooked due to the fact that you can quite easily go and purchase data online. What the majority of companies new to email marketing don’t realise is that you will see much greater long term results from growing your own list. Hosting events, running competitions and even issuing surveys are just a few of the best ways to gather targeted, responsive and most importantly, clean data.

7. Add sharing to your emails

Including share options in your campaigns is a great way to increase the awareness of your emails. If your current subscribers enjoy receiving your content, there is a good chance that they will want to share it with friends, family etc. Adding a ‘forward to a friend’ link or even social sharing options via Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin can drastically increase the reach of your emails and increase the probability of getting more subscribers.

8. Don’t ask for too much

During the sign up process any potential subscriber will not want to invest much of their time providing loads of information about themselves, which is perfectly understandable — because it’s really… REALLY boring! A quick and easy email address field is all you need to begin with, further details and preferences can be updated by the subscriber at a later date.



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