As a business owner or corporate marketing executive, you know the importance of developing and protecting the value of your company’s brand.

Your Company’s Brand Is More Than Just a Logo and a Tagline.

Across the world, corporate marketing professionals are constantly researching, surveying, and interviewing their current customers as well as new sales prospects to find out which specific qualities contribute to an ‘ideal brand’ that consumers want to identify and associate themselves with.

For larger companies, marketing surveys, focus groups, and other ongoing research programs can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars — all in the name of getting closer to the customer, to understanding how they relate to your brand and, most importantly, your brand promise.

If you’re not familiar with the term brand promise, it’s a concept used by professional branding experts to describe the core identity of your company and what it offers to its customers. In a nutshell, it’s what you stand for, what comes to a consumer’s mind when they see or hear your name.

The brand promise lies at the intersection of your company’s vision for the future, your mission as an organization, the unique value proposition your products and services offer to your customers and the overall stature and perception you have established as a company in the marketplace.

In many cases, a company’s brand promise is one of its most important assets — so much so that its value is calculated and recorded in corporate accounting statements under the category of goodwill — because it has such value for attracting and maintaining valued relationships with your customers.

Twitter Cafe & Lounge Area — Manufactured by Formaspace

Leading Companies Recognize That Architecture, Interior Design and Furnishing Are a Key Component in an Integrated Communications Program

First impressions are powerful.

From a marketing perspective, making a good first impression is critical.

If you fail to make a good first impression, it can take a lot of effort and money to change the consumers’ impression of your company’s brand promise after the fact.

Take a moment to think about the all important first impression that your company makes when

  1. a customer or potential new employee comes to visit your office
  2. a potential investor attends one of your company’s presentations as part of their due diligence
  3. a member of the press conducts an interview with one of your key executives

Within the first few minutes of entering your company’s lobby, these visitors will be making long-lasting decisions — whether consciously or unconsciously — about their perception of your company’s position in the marketplace, positive or negative assessments of the attitude you extend toward customers and your employees, and, most importantly — whether they feel comfortable with you as a potential partner they want to do business with or not.

High-Profile Companies like Google, Twitter, LYFT, and GE Ventures Know the Secret of Making a Good First Impression Using Industrial-Look Furniture

What do high-profile technology companies like Google, Twitter, LYFT and GE Ventures share in common?

They know the importance of making a good first impression.

Each of these companies has invested in high-quality, industrial-look furniture made by Formaspace.

Why industrial-look furniture?

It turns out that the choice of industrial-look interior furnishings is not an accident.

Consciously or unconsciously, the choice of industrial-look furnishings conveys a sense of purpose, productivity and permanence that these companies want to convey to their customers, their employees, the media, and the investor community.

This is especially true for young companies.

Industrial-look furniture provides young companies with an established look that creates trust in the business, a critical first impression when they have visiting clients.

Twitter Cafe with Industrial Table — Manufactured by Formaspace

Three Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Industrial-Look Interior Design Furnishings.

Without question, every company’s situation is unique. But our Formaspace Design Consultants have noticed some meta-trends in recent years at the intersection of brand perception and interior furnishing choices.

1. People are looking for authenticity, permanence and natural/honest materials in their surroundings and furnishings.

Have you thought about why converted warehouses and loft spaces with hardwood floors and exposed brick walls have become popular as work environments? As our work becomes more high-tech, many of us seem to be yearning to establish connections to an earlier era — where hard work, honest and authentic materials, and craftsmanship prevailed.

Industrial Height Adjustable Conference Table


Not every office can be a converted warehouse, but industrial-look furniture can help provide the very type of architectural ‘good bones’ that people are looking for in modern office interior design.

All Formaspace furniture is made-by-hand here at our factory in Austin, Texas. Each order is built-to-order — just for you — according to your exact design specifications. We use locally-sourced materials for all our products, including the highest quality American steel.

You could call our industrial-look furniture ‘over-engineered’ as our products are fully proven through extensive use at some of the toughest industrial manufacturing facilities.

Of course, most of our clients become very attached to their Formaspace furniture. Fortunately, if you need to move locations, you’ll be pleased to know our furniture can be easily disassembled and transported to new locations, which adds to our furniture’s credibility as a sustainable design choice.

2. Combine a Classic Industrial-look with Modern, Ergonomic Features

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