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Developers are constantly updated with web development trends to inculcate the latest happenings in their work. User behavioral pattern forms the base when working on any client project. Studying how visitors react to your website and their usage pattern analysis is the key to building a successful web app or website.

How Did the Concept of Ad Blocking Evolve?

Now that paid advertising on the web is a new way of marketing, off lately this method has done more bad than good. Sudden pop up of random advertise while user is the middle of something important leads to nothing but disturbance.

These promotional and sales generating ads become more of a distraction for visitors, which have compelled them to incline towards installing ad blocking software for seamless browsing experience. Though this ad blocking trend was not widespread in earlier days, now it has found a place in almost all laptops and desktops.

Survival of Advertisers and Publishers after Introduction of Ad Blocker Software

Ad publishers, search engines and even social media sites get the major share of their revenue from online advertisements. For their survival, these companies are thinking of ways to strike a balance between user-friendliness and ad placement on the website.

Shorter attention span of audience combined with the increased use of ad blocking software can destroy the revenue generated by means of ads completely, if the right step isn’t taken at the right time.

Introducing meaningful and acceptable ads such as small text or picture display that does not hamper user’s browsing experience is the best solution to this problem. Such types of ads do no harm and usually pass through ad blockers filters.

Native Advertising as a Solution

Ads that are similar to editorial content and do not distract visitors by constantly popping up can be included in native advertising category. The design and color of ads is different from the rest of the content to make it stand out and capable enough to draw attention of viewers.

Ads that have native content and relate to what visitors are reading or searching are meaningful and effective in generating sales. In short, if online advertising is done in the right way, it adds value to brand, visitor as well as publisher.

Genuine websites have started a dedicated sponsored ads column to prevent random placement of ads in between the content to maintain proper flow of reading for the visitors. This can be considered as a form of non-obstructive advertising.

Intelligent Online Advertising

This is the right time to stop splashing ads randomly over content on the website. This is doing nothing good than compelling people to use ad blocking software for disturbance free browsing experience. Before all people start adopting this technique, it is high time for publishers, advertisers, search engines and social media websites to rethink on their digital advertising means.

Best combination of advertisements with relevant content decorated with attractive yet non-distracting design is called advertising done more intelligently. Apart from spoiling user experience, random popping of website all over the website does not even help advertisers in increasing sales, instead creates a wrong or negative impression in minds of visitors.

Abide by the principle, ‘value of the message in advertising as first priority, shooting up the sale from it as second’. This rule will never let you down and prevent visitors from downloading ad blocking software as the advertisements displayed aren’t affecting their internet experience.


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