I think communication is an essential part of being human. In saying that, what is communication? Communication is any method of sending and receiving information, ideas or messages. These methods can be both verbal and non-verbal. We as humans have come a very long way since the first instances of communication. From the primitive use of symbols and pictures to sophisticated mobile phones and computers that we use everyday. The development and improvement in communication technologies has benefited us as a society drastically.

Technology has allowed for the creation of THE INTERNET and all it’s glory. The internet has become a fundamental part of communication in the 21st century. It’s crazy to think at some point in time humans were using everything BUT the internet to communicate with each other. It’s development has allowed communication between humans to become limitless.

The Pros

  1. Reach: Information can be shared and accessed with anyone around the world.
  2. Immediate: We can now share and receive information instantly!
  3. Flexible: Information is accessible 24/7.
  4. Community: Technology today allows several individuals to work collaboratively on concepts.

As we all know, everything good almost always comes with a bad. In the case of modern technology, several bads.

The ethical issues surrounding the advancement of communication technologies.

What is an ethical issue?

Ethics refers to our perception of what is right and wrong. They are based on both our beliefs and morals and generally are common amongst most indivuals around the world. When these standards are not met, controversy may arise. This is what we call an ethical issue.

Some ethical issues associated include:

  1. Privacy: Everything we do can be TRACKED and ACCESSED! Although many social media sites promise ‘privacy’ there are several loop holes that can make our personal information accessible to strangers ! Things like your D.O.B, current location, email, passwords and credit card details.
  2. Fraud: It is so easy to create accounts on social media that are not really yourself. These fake accounts are often used to destroy someone’s reputation and will have detrimental effects on their lives.
  3. Stays forever: “Once something is posted to the internet, its never going away.”(Couts 2011)
  4. Content: The internet and all it’s glory is accessible to everybody and anybody. This can be great but when such a large volume of information is being published everyday, Who is monitoring this overload of information and checking if it is reliable and true?

In saying this, the advancement of communication technologies is great. I think that the development of the internet has had the largest impact on society today. It has proven to be highly beneficial for several purposes( educational, personal, business) in our everyday lives. However, there are some risks associated with it that we need to be cautious and aware of.





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