Ever wondered why your competitors show up on Google Maps, but not you? Follow this simple, 5 minute guide to get listed now.

Google Maps Search Rankings


If you’ve used the Google Maps app before, you have probably seen that only a select few businesses show up with a clickable icon on the maps application. When people search for a business online, some companies seem to have a special arrangement with Google that makes their listing pop out. There is even directions to their business from your current location! But, if you’re reading this guide, chances are your not listed. Why not?

Why Is It Important To Set Up A Google Business Listing?

Why is it even important for your business location to show up on the Google maps? If you’re running a successful business already, what difference does it make if you’re on some map anyways?

That’s a great question, i’m glad you asked. Before we will show you how to set it up, we want to make sure you know why it’s so important to get listed in Google maps.

There are 2 very specific reasons:

Number 1:

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization): If you have done any online marketing, this term is everywhere. That’s because your ranking in search engines determines who is most likely to get the customer, a very important function of search engines is rankings. Putting your business on google maps means your link shows up right at the top of the page, this is almost like a shortcut for local rankings:

Google Maps Search Results

And Number 2:

Mobile Search inside Google Maps App: After you’re listed in Maps, when potential customers are searching for your product or service on their phone, they can pull directions directly into GPS and come right to your business.

Maps App Search Results

In a nutshell, it’s important because it will improve your rank for locals searching for you.

How Are Google Maps Results Ordered?:

A quick note about list order; you will notice that the list of businesses that appears when you search for a product/service are not listed alphabetically. They aren’t even listed by location, but rather they are ranked by a specific calculation. This calculation is tied heavily to how many “+1’s” your company has on it’s google + page. So if you don’t have a google + page for your business, follow this guide to creating one before going further.

If you want us to send you a PDF of these instructions for later, click here.

Finally, Here Are The Steps To Getting your Business Listed On Google.

Follow along step by step and you will have your business listed on Google Maps in no time:

Step 1: Go to google.com/business/:

  • You will see this screen:
Google “My Business” Listings
  • Click “get started”, and sign into google. (You will need a google account for your business before continuing on):
  • After you log in, search for your product or service in the search bar, see who is already listed (your competition):
Search Results inside Google Maps
  • Now, type in your businesses name. Since it’s not already listed, we need to click on the bottom of the list, and “add your business”:
My Business Listings
  • Once you click the link, it’s time to put in your information:
Enter Business Info To Maps App
  • Pay special attention to the “Category” you enter your business into. This will filter your information for very specific search terms. So it’s important to be certain it’s the category you want:
Business Category
  • In the box “I deliver goods at this location”, check the “no” box unless you bring your product directly to customers homes.
Do you deliver?
  • Click continue, and you’re done for now.
Finish Editing My Business Listing

Step 2:

  • After you’ve applied (done all the steps above), you have to wait for google to send a physical letter to the address you listed for your business. This is a fail-safe to make sure the address you entered is correct.
  • After the letter arrives (normally within 1–2 weeks), the final steps will be in that message. It usually involves a simple confirmation of the listing with a code provided in the letter.

That’s. It.

Now, when customers search for related keywords to your category, your business will show up in the local listings. Right at the top of the page, where you can be seen and clicked upon.

From here, you will also want to optimize the number of likes on your business page (learn more about that here). And finally, you can further improve your ranking in the local listings by posting content that gets liked and shared (more on that here).

Easy. Simple. Done. Want more articles like this one? Let us know by submitting a comment below or send a message to: [email protected]


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