#1 → The very first thing I did was spend a few years doing the big box Gym thing.

Yes…I worked at ALL of the big chains.

15 different Gyms, as of three years ago. They all Sucked hard…BUT I paid my dues, and perfected my craft.

#2 → I completely ignored the Sales Scripts they taught me.

Honestly if you are successfully making $300-$500 a week selling bubble gum in the 7th grade…like I was…you can sell.

If you suck as selling, then maybe…just maybe, but probably not…use their Sales Scripts.

If sales scare you, or you naturally suck at it…then my advice is to read, listen and watch massively successful sales people.

Learn that way.

You would be surprised at how successful you can be at sales, if you follow the lead of Grant Cardone, and others like him.

#3 → Find your own Voice!

When you are trying to get someone to be your client…you will need to find your very own way to show people the “Real Benefit” of training with you.

First, make sure you talk in-depth with them about their Pain Points.

Specifically, you need to find out what MOST bothers them…in regards to their Fitness level, overall Health, etc…

Get them to really open up, and tell you ALL of the reasons they are standing in front of you…looking for help.

Build and customize a “Training Methodology” that speaks directly to their deepest Pain Points.

For example, when I first talked to a potential client, I had a very general routine that I ran them through.

But guess what…every single time I tailored it to EXACTLY what the person standing in front of me needed.

They desperately wanted to Look and Feel Better…period!

Who I was, my training experience…or my stupid certifications couldn’t have mattered less to them.

When I say “Find Your Own Voice,” I mean that you will need to have some basic training principles that you always talk about. Things that make you Uniquely Qualified to Help a potential client.

At the same time…you will Always need to tailor that message to a potential client’s Needs, Wants and Desires!!!

Every single time!

Start with these concepts and you will get some traction…I promise!

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