If you are not using Quora for traffic, Start Now.

Quora is just like reddit. In fact, it is better than reddit. Why? Because ;

  • you are not banned from every ridiculous subreddit just for commenting.
  • And, you don’t have to wait 8 minutes to post again

Any way, coming back to the topic.

I have been writing for my one site and promoting its content on Quora. One post about ‘how to do pull-up bars’ went viral when Quora added it to the Quora digest.

And, that brought me around 20 thousand views on the answer. And, around 300 visitors (in last three days) just from quora.

Of course, it increased the rank of the website on google searches. But I am not sure if it will increase orders to my website.

Anyway, so here is the strategy for getting traffic from quora.

  • Give value to the user
  • Answer on posts that you know the answer to
  • Add your website link (preferably the post link where they can find the full answer)
  • Add photos
  • Add videos
  • Add links to other sources if they are relevant
  • Add chronological information (bullets or something)
  • Use real answers. Don’t be just a spammer. We all like marketing but we all want answers that work!

If you need more information, then contact me.



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