So this was my first year working retail, and I was put in charge of gaming for the seasonal time period.

So lets begin.

Two weeks before boxing day, around Black Friday… there were no 3DS’s or Wii U’s in the store (we still offered games for both of them) but with plenty of customers asking if we had any it became a very simple answer: “No”. With that being the day-to-day routine, it was a rather quick process of the Nintendo isle looking like a war-torn-desert compared to the Xbox and PlayStation Isles.

I thought nothing of it, although I was very passionate about business and specifically marketing.. I didn’t want to assume anything. As once again, this was my first time working outside of the kitchen. Only after did everything click.

A week before boxing day, I was told to take down the Wii U display and clean all around it, to make room for the Nintendo Switch which is supposedly to come March 2017. Leading to the more important note, while all of this was going on there were parents coming in by the handful every morning asking if we had any of the NES Classics left. Considering we only got a shipment of say.. around 6–a week, usually on random week day mornings… once again, my answer without presuming or investigating much became “No.” The fact that Nintendo had left parents scrambling for these devices, after marketing it for the Christmas holidays towards children, all while keeping the supply low and the demand high.

This post may seem stupid, but for all the parents who wanted their kids to be happy these holidays this was extremely complicated and frustrating. Keep in mind that for the 60–80 hours I did work, I had probably been asked well over 200 times. I’m not usually one to side with the whole ‘F*ck the system’ type of mentality, but f*ck the system.

Cheers, Yury



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