Hello! I wrote this article in the form of a case study time line to make my point of how Unthink Digital Marketing is different than other agencies. We are built to be a true partner to your business, just as if we were your marketing employees but for only $350.00 per month! I hope this helps you become a better marketer for your business even if you are not looking to hire any one to help you. This is packed with helpful advice! 🙂

While you read this, keep in mind that we didn’t charge extra for our work. Is all included for all our clients under their $350.00 monthly fee.

The company in this case study is Honest Maids, LLC. An Arizona based company with over 8 cities under management in different states. We started helping when it was just a baby business in Avondale Arizona. The first thing we did was revamp their logo to look more professional while giving you sense of freshness and reliability. If you have a logo great, if not don’t worry — we’ll make one.

Their logo went from this

To this

With a professional logo out of the way, we then built a total of 4 different websites over the course of 1 year to better engage with different types of buyers and interests. All they did was cover the cost of their hosting. We did a relaxed, organic, DIY, website focused on the founder and a few other more commercial and corporate type of websites for those looking for a more established feel.

Here are two sites we did for them for one region only: www.HonestMaids.co & www.MaidsofPhoenix.com — Honest Maids now services Arizona, Texas, Chicago, New Jersey, & Virginia.

One mistake most business owners do is think that websites are a luxury, then the second biggest mistake is to think that only 1 website is enough to compete online. It isn’t. If you cannot build variation into your website you need have landing pages with A/B testing so that you can try different prices, colors, product variations, pitches, etc to see what converts more of your visitors into paying customers.

TIP: Have at least 2 websites that are fully functioning and kept up to date with fresh content.

We also created new business cards, we constantly do flyers, vinyl banner design, newsletter graphics, magazine paid ads images, custom images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Etc. Here are some samples of our graphic design: Everything with the overall branding goal in mind.

Each month we improve the code structure of each website, we write new articles, promote articles through syndicated networks, blogs, update and engage their communities through social media, we have clients whom we found out to be heavily dependent on craigslist and so we even help them promote those business there.

TIP: When you chose images for your ads, spend a little of money buying high definition images that you can use freely and choose images that engage feelings of trust, peace, calm, friendliness, etc. not images that entice calculation and warning.

We have created over 70 landing pages, most of them are inter-linked with their websites and through several local listings and social media profiles. All these landing pages are built to speak specifically with a certain demographic and each page has variations built into them A/B testing which allows us to measure the number of visitors and their conversion off each variation to improve each and every time.

TIP: Each social media profile should list to your websites, but not always the home page. Try linking specific pages that would speak more directly to the visitors origin. For example: We built “Thank You Yelpers” pages for clients’ Yelp accounts.

Here is a screenshot of a day span for some of the lead pages we have built for Honest Maids, as you can see there’s 4, 14,7,1 and 4 leads in these pages. All in less than a week and all for their Phoenix market.

When you have a ton of content out there that is useful and interesting people tend to engage and give their own opinion or ask follow up questions and that is what makes readers turn to visitors and then over time once have captured their contact information you can also nurture them if you didn’t happen to sell them on their first encounter.

We create content, articles, how-tos, videos, promotional offers, blog entries, and handle all their social media updates to help increase their brand and product awareness and engaging more and more buyers.

We create promotional material as well as full PPC Syndicated ads

Everything that we do for you helps your overall SEO. Each month we do something different, testing and improving on the previous effort. Is very much like having a marketing department in your business as employees but without the huge overhead expense it carries! Unthink Digital Marketing’s business model is set up to be as efficient and valuable to small and new business as possible!

Because Unthink Marketing Experts include MBAs with focus on competitive advantage, part of our value to small business owners is being there for you when you need us over the phone. We work with the owner to help them improve their process in person, anything that is customer facing is considered marketing. We make sure that what we do is cohesive throughout the entire experience.

As you can see, we are what is called a TRUE Inbound Agency. We consider every aspect of your business and build what you are missing, get you listed where matters most, create and deliver content to potential customers, engage them on social media, we create funnels, test prices, run paid campaigns… All while building links and more links for you to increase the chances of new customers finding your company and hiring you.

Whatever your goal, let us help. Contact me directly if you would like a free consultation at 623–398–9331.

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Below is our methodology:

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