How Quora can be more used as an effective marketing tool

When I first began using Quora, little did people know what it was. In fact, many of uninspiring to start businesses in college were skeptical of using such a platform. There was no ROI to speak of apart from answering questions of certain people in despair. In college, the idea was all about making money. Why were we going to go out of our way to help someone?

It would take me a year and a half after graduation to realize how important quota would be in my life. And the impact it had, I did not know if I wanted to shoot myself or applause myself for discovering the importance of this.

What Quora inadvertently does is that it gives you a chance to engage with an audience. It staggers me that many companies are willing to spend millions of dollars on consulting firms to tell them their problems rather than using a platform such as this.

From many experiences, I can assure you that I have had better feedback on Quora on my startup’s product than I possibly could by burning a hole in my pocket by hiring a consulting firm.

An example could be the Indian government and some of the decisions they have taken in recent times. The main reason one elects a government is partially due to the fact that the people identify a capable leader whom they can communicate with.

I can also count upwards of a thousand questions on demonetization. Instead of trying to fix the problem by spending upward of a million dollars, they can save money and time by viewing some of these answers and suggestions posted by industry leaders on the same.

For those looking to build your personal brand on Quota, well, here is one way of going about it.

  1. Follow the tags you are good at. I happen to be good at answering questions on politics, sport, and sometimes even life skills and other such topics.
  2. Keep answering the questions. Even if you don’t get the kind of views/following you’d like, never give in. Keep answering away.
  3. A follow up of the aforementioned point is the fact that the more authentic your answers are, and if people find it an addition of value to their lives, I really don’t see any reason for them to follow you.
  4. Always answer a question that is requested to you, it makes you look better and helps you build yourself as a brand. The next time onwards, they will look to you as their messiah in anything you do.

If you are a business and is looking to make a name for yourself, I highly recommend the use of Quora. What is Brand Equity? It means that people trust your brand. And how are they going to trust your brand? By the content you put out, and the reach on Quora is much better than the ones you’’ll ever see.


If you are not a patient man and is looking to get the most value out of this piece, I highly recommend that you read this.

  1. Answer the questions related to your/your business expertise. Remember not to sell anything and not to bullshit. Be as honest and authentic as possible.
  2. Treat your followers/upvoters/requesters etc as your own. When they ask you something, answer it and in time, you will see results.
  3. Use it as customer feedback rather than spending money on a consulting firm.



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