It’s time to start thinking Out of the Box.

Is your website working as hard as it should be? Does it help you reach your business goals?

If not! Then start thinking Differently.

Most of the websites have great visuals and effects but they are certainly not generating any sales to the company.

Here are 10 of the most important strategies that we’re going to sharing with you to build a better website!

These aren’t just concepts or techniques but a proven tactics to generate extraordinary results .

Curious to know what kind of results I am talking about?

You get 500% increase in new lead over six month time period, Once you get it done working with harmony.

So if that’s the kind of performance you want your website to perform then please go ahead and read below!

10 Crucial Strategies for turning your online presence into something your business can actually use.

1.Do you know who your customers really are? If not, its time to find out. Identify your customer personas (with back stories) and address your content to them as individuals.

2.Do you place more emphasis on the visual design of your website than the structure and content? “Pretty” only gets you so far. Without substance, people will not visit or stay and search engines will not index.

3.Does your content truly help your customers? Is it actionable, informational or educational? Is it written from a plan? If not your content can cause people to disconnect Use an editorial calendar, sales funnel and targeted offers.

4.Is your company and your staff empowered to “do” online? Does your online partner “handle” it for you, or do they work as a true partner in your success

5.Does your website have a blog? If not, you are missing out on “the” most important and effective tool available. Just don’t get promotional or you’ll push visitors away. Instead, use great content to attract visitors, share knowledge and build trust.

6.Are you making the most of the new art of SE0 & findability? Search success really comes down to how well you can be found by the right kinds of prospects. It is a combo of content, social engagement and avoiding SE0 tricks that’ll get you into trouble.

7.Do you look at social media as networking yet? You should. The basic human desire to do business with other people that we know, like, and trust means embracing social tools to connect with prospects. They are the audience for your content

8.Do you craft offers that are relevant to your target audience? Searchers are looking for answers. Provide them at all levels of your sales funnel and build a case in favor of your solutions. Each offer is a touch point in your sales process.

9.Think you can set it and forget it? Think again. Getting started is only the beginning. Building an online presence takes time and w • effort. If you haven’t set a budget for ongoing marketing efforts, all analytics, content creation and engagement, you’ll get left behind.

10.Do you keep an eye on your analytics? It’s one thing to have an idea about how many visitors your site has, but what about conversions, popular pages, competitor activity or even Google algorithm changes? Watch your analytics like you watch your accounting. Nothing beats good intelligence.

Conclusion: A Successful Business Website Isn’t Built From Any Single Thing Now that you’ve seen a glimpse of ten of the most important strategies of a productive and profitable business website, it’s time to return to a confession that I made at the very beginning of the book: The magic isn’t in the pieces themselves; but in the way they are used together.

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